Andreja Andric


Interested in confronting logic, rhythm and structure with unintentionality, chance and play. I occasionally perform on sound, music or new media festivals, usually by pressing the play button, and sometimes even without that. Originally from Serbia, I live in Aarhus, Denmark.

contact: andreja dot andric at gmail dot com

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10 selected things:

  1. Performed at AARHUS INTERNATIONAL SUPERNOISE FESTIVAL 2015. Works in order: Jets, 1+1+1, Burst, Crystallization, Crunch, Pulses. Find them on the list.
  2. Spread, Second prize on SONOM 2014, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Oaxaca, Mexico, June 2014. Source code. News.
  3. Threads on Circuit Bridges Concert #1, Gallery MC, New York City, March 27th 2014. See source code.
  4. Unintended Music (music from malfunctioning software) in concert with GingerEnsemble Bern, Miroslav Misa Savic and others, Rex, Belgrade, April 20th 2012. Also in Audiograft Jukebox, Oxford, February 2013.
  5. Vanessa (Found video + explanatory notes + adult site link, 2004) - Prize of the Jury on the Fifth Short Electronic Form Feast, REX, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, November 2004. Curators: Nebojsa Milikic & Dusica Parezanovic.
  6. 99 Meditations on Chords and Colors (Web-drone) on the FILE 2004 festival of electronic art, SESI Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sao Paolo, Brasil, November 22nd - December 12th, 2004 and elsewhere. Download PowerPoint slideshow or see online.
  7. Piano Player's Diary, computer-generated compositions for piano emulation in Soundtoys. Curator: Stanza. (2003)
  8. Playground (with Igor Vasiljev, a Virtual Reality world (VRML) with sound, 2002. First prize of the audience on the Third Short Electronic Form Feast, REX, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, November-December 2002. Also in Soundtoys (2003, curator: Stanza) .
  9. Sinehia (with Maja Gecic, Ana Cicovic, Lynn Pia Pook and Lina Faller, an audio-visual-haptic installation, 2002) on the VioLENS, CESTA Multimedia Art festival, Tabor, Chech Republic, August 2002. Curator Hilary Binder.
  10. Music for flutes, flutes and guitars, guitar, piano and flute, guitar and piano, 1991-2000. Performed in different venues in Belgrade during the nineties.

Last updated February 25th 2015